In the Classroom

185135_4123326637930_1242423633_nThank you for your words of wisdom. We’re working on three months now and the change is amazing.
We’re still working out the bumps, but the kids have decided to do one meeting per week during our 30
minute Friday lesson. They have done a wonderful job of dealing with a huge race issue that has been
on our campus and have received wonderful compliments from administration for their willingness
to work and find positive solutions. Also, as a result, the administration has agreed to finance a Peer
Mentoring class and most of my students are working on getting the training. Thanks again.”

– Rachel Morris, elementary school teacher

white_returnAs an educator, do you:

  • Ever wish that students would take more initiative in being helpful and interested in developing leadership skills?
  • Look for a social emotional learning program that offers skills and tools as well as consistency with your discipline program?
  • Wish to build a structure of trust and respect among school staff?

Positive Discipline in the classroom is a process involving teachers and students in true dialogue and problem-solving on issues that are of real and practical concern to them.  As an example, by implementing class meetings, students look for win/win solutions and move toward developing competency, accountability and self worth through responsible decision-making while helping each other.  Through Positive Discipline in the Classroom, schools can empower young people with courage, confidence, and life skills.

There is plenty of research and studies that have shown…

In schools, learning social and emotional skills results in:

– academic success, health and well-being, while

– reducing and preventing problems like bullying and truancy.

And, our assessment from 10 years of PD class offerings show the top four learnings by parents are:

1.  the belief behind the behavior

2.  my response influence my child’s response

3. to calm down before problem solving 

4. mistakes are opportunities to learn